Acoustic Panels for Hospitals and Nursing Homes – Evidence Based Art

Combat poor acoustics in healthcare settings with Sonovision’s sound-absorbing pictures featuring stress-relieving motives.

Acoustic panels for hospitals and nursery homes

Creating a Pleasant Environment with Stress-Relieving Pictures on Acoustic Panels

At Sonovision, we offer a solution to combat poor acoustics in hospitals and nursing homes through our sound-absorbing pictures featuring stress-relieving motives. Our innovative technique combines evidence-based stress-relieving pictures with acoustic regulation, ensuring a tranquil and soothing atmosphere.

Key features of our acoustic panels include:

  • Exceptional sound absorption capabilities, reducing noise levels effectively.
  • Beautiful stress-relieving motives carefully selected based on evidence-based criteria.
  • Pictures printed on interchangeable, machine-washable fabric that can also be cleaned with alcohol.
  • Elimination of image surface reflections.
  • Very low calorific value.
  • Elegant framing that enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Our acoustic panels and screen walls have already been successfully implemented in numerous nursing homes and hospitals, contributing to dementia-friendly interior design.


Sonovision presentation at Healthcare Denmark


Evidence-based art

Sonovision takes pride in its commitment to evidence-based art. We have initiated several research projects on hospital patients’ art preferences. Our image selection process adheres to evidence-based criteria, ensuring the suitability of our artwork for hospital environments.

Improving Patient, Relative, and Staff Experience through Good Acoustics

Poor acoustics lead to increased irritation and stress among patients, relatives, and staff members in hospitals. Extensive scientific studies have shown the detrimental effects of subpar acoustics, including elevated heart rates, blood pressure, and breathing difficulties in patients. Incorporating sound-absorbing pictures can help alleviate these issues.

Tailored Selection of Suitable Motives

Our team will assist in choosing imagery that complements the room where the acoustic pictures will be displayed. We specialize in selecting pictures with a relaxing effect, promoting well-being, relief, positive thoughts, and emotions in healthcare centers, hospitals, clinics, and hospices, ultimately benefiting patients, residents, and visitors.

Washable and Disinfectable

Our pictures can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a wet cloth or alcohol. Furthermore, the fabric can be removed from its frame and washed in a washing machine numerous times without compromising the image quality or causing fabric deformation.

Fireproof Art for Nursing Homes

Sonovision’s acoustic pictures are crafted using fire class B canvas, the only flammable material involved. This fire resistance classification enables our pictures to be safely displayed on escape route walls, even where all other flammable materials are prohibited.


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